Companies Cite Lofty Intranet Goals

April 26, 2002 ( - Companies have lofty goals for their intranet - such as achieving administrative efficiency - but most admit their efforts to implement technology haven't been a complete success, according to a recent Buck Consultants survey.

According to the Technology+the Workplace Community survey, when asked what their intranet goals included:

  • 23% of the sample mentioned achieving administrative efficiency,
  • 23% cited allowing employees to conduct HR transactions themselves online,
  • 21% said giving workers a better understanding of the business and its challenges,
  • 19% cited more sharing of general business information,
  • 16% said generating heightened employee satisfaction and support

In terms of intranet content,

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  • 77% said their site featured product information,
  • 75% said they could find a statement of corporate vision and mission on the site,
  • 64% mentioned job listings being available online,
  • 61% said their site included shareholder information including annual and quarterly reports, and
  • more than half said their site also functioned as a portal to other online resources

“What Intranet Site?”

Generally, nearly half said their corporate intranet was only “okay” while 15% pointed out that it was still in development, 12% complained it was “painful” while 11% apparently didn’t have a technological clue, asking “What intranet site?”

Off the 200 respondents, 71% said they’ve only been partially successful in meeting their intranet goals, while another 11% admitted failing. A scant 13% of respondents proclaimed their companies successful in implementing their intranet.

Finally, in terms of areas where their intranet fell short:

  • employee self-service was mentioned by 19% of the sample,
  • better employee business knowledge was cited by 16%,
  • greater employee satisfaction, was listd by 15%, and
  • administrative efficiency was mentioned by 12%

Read the full survey results.