ComPsych Unveils Confidential Accounting Reporting Service

November 3, 2003 ( - ComPsych Corporation has launched a new service that receives and processes employee reports of potential accounting misconduct by public companies.

ConfidentialSource is designed to be in compliance with Section 301(4) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which requires an anonymous reporting system for employees. With ConfidentialSource, a service of ComPsych, employees report potential misconduct to a continually manned phone center or through a designated, secure Web site, according to a news release.

In addition to fulfilling Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, ComPsych says employees will welcome the ability to unanimously report potential accounting misdeeds.   Of the 88% of employees that would report accounting shenanigans, 37% would prefer a third-party reporting system, according to a poll conducted by the company.

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