Conseco Capital Maps Out New Name

September 17, 2003 ( - If you're having trouble locating Conseco Capital Management, you can now use their new name as a guidepost.

The Carmel, Indiana-based company has renamed itself  40/86 Advisors Inc., according to a news release.  The new name of the fixed income money management subsidiary of Conseco, Inc., refers to the geographic coordinates 40 degrees North latitude, 86 degrees West longitude – the company’s location in Indiana.

In addition to the name change, the company also announced that Eric Johnson had been tapped as its new president. Johnson joined the firm in 1997 as part of the investment team and most recently served as a member of the Management Restructuring Committee for Conseco, Inc. The panel managed the turnaround and emergence of Conseco, Inc. after a corporate bankruptcy.  

With more than $26 billion in assets under management, the firm serves:

  • Taft-Hartley plans
  • foundations and endowments
  • insurance companies
  • public funds
  • corporate pensions
  • religious organizations
  • health care organizations
  • educational institutions
  • mutual funds
  • structured products.

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