Consultant Introduces Service for Stock Comp Plans

October 29, 2009 ( - In response to the recent SEC Release No. 34-60126 allowing the use of vested stock options as collateral against the sale of covered calls, CME Stock/Option Consulting Services, Inc. has introduced a form of investment club focused on the tax, regulatory, and investment effects of employer compensation and benefits programs.

An announcement said VERITAS (Voluntary Employee Retirement, Investment and Tax Association) provides tax, regulatory, and investment support services to employee groups including planning protocols where covered calls and married puts are utilized against employee stock/option positions.

CME is a fee-based provider of services exclusively and holds no insurance or investment licenses of any kind, nor does it act in the capacity of investment adviser, registered or otherwise, the announcement said.

For more information, contact Timothy R. Wing, President and CEO of CME, at 630-562-0239 or via email at .