Court Sets Date to Block Release of Oregon PERS Retiree Data

November 8, 2011 ( – A court hearing has been scheduled to block the release of the Oregon Public Employees System PERS retirees’ individual pension payment data, reports the Salem Statesmen Journal

The day the hearing is scheduled, November 21, is the same day the state is legally required to release the data to the Statesmen Journal and The Oregonian (see “Oregon PERS Retirees File Lawsuit to Stop Release of Pension Data”).

Greg Hartman, the Portland lawyer who filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of seven anonymous retirees stated the Marion County Circuit Judge Vance Day could not schedule an earlier day for the hearing. He also stated he will ask attorneys for PERS and the newspapers to agree to delay the release of data until after the hearing, which is scheduled for 1:30 p.m.