DC Participant Trading Light in November

Twelve out of 21 trading days favored fixed income funds.

Trading among defined contribution (DC) plan investors was light in November, according to the Alight Solutions 401(k) Index, with only one day of above normal trading activity.

On average, 0.014% of balances were traded each day, and 12 out of 21 trading days favored fixed income.

Asset classes with the most trading inflows in November were international funds ($190 million), bond funds ($49 million) and mid U.S. equity funds ($20 million). Asset classes with the most trading outflows were company stock funds ($146 million), stable value funds ($70 million) and small U.S. equity funds ($41 billion).

At the end of November, 68.3% of balances were invested in equities, up from 67.9% at the end of October. The index shows 67.2% of new contributions were invested in equities, unchanged from October.

Target-date funds (TDFs), large U.S. equity funds and stable value funds held the largest percentages of DC plan balances as of the end of November.

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