DoL to Schedule Hearings on Ergonomics Rule

June 7, 2001 ( - The Department of Labor (DoL) will schedule a series of public hearings to examine whether conditions in the work environment that lead to repetitive motion injuries should be regulated, according to the Washington Post.

It is anticipated that Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, who has already met with trade unions, safety professionals and business groups on the issue, will finalize the issue of ergonomics regulation in September.

Workplace Safety Rule

The previous administration’s workplace safety rule, implemented in January shortly before former President Clinton left office, was bitterly opposed by business groups and the Bush administration which called the rule burdensome and costly, was struck down by Congress in March.

It required employers to take steps to prevent repetitive motion injuries, which affect about one million US workers, and encompassed an array of jobs that require repetitive movements.

The first of three public hearings is scheduled for July 16 in Washington. Hearings in Chicago on July 20 and California on July 24 will follow.