Drivers Do Way More than Texting Behind the Wheel

May 27, 2010 ( – A survey by headset maker Jabra found that 29% of respondents had kissed others while behind the wheel, and 15% had . . . well, you know.

A report on MSN Money about the survey indicated eating behind the wheel was the activity most selected by respondents, at 72%. A quarter owned up to texting (28%) and styling hair or changing clothes (25%) while driving.  

Other behind-the-wheel activities cited by respondents included:

  • 13% apply makeup.
  • 12% write or read emails.
  • 10% read newspapers or magazines.
  • 5% play video games.
  • 5% shave.

Of these actions, sexual activity, putting on clothes, reading or writing emails, reading newspapers or magazines, playing video games, and shaving were rated as high-risk by respondents. Survey takers placed texting, applying makeup, styling hair, and taking off clothes in the medium risk category.  

Eating while driving was considered a low-risk activity.  

Only about half of respondents reported they use a hands-free device for cell phones.  

Jabra’s survey covered 1,800 drivers in France, Britain, Japan, Germany, Russia, and the U.S.; respondents were evenly split between the sexes. The survey included questions about 31 activities.