Drug Reimport Bill Advances in Oklahoma

March 8, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - The Oklahoma state Senate on Monday approved a measure clearing the way for pharmacists and wholesale drug distributors to reimport less expensive drugs from Canada, Switzerland and member nations of the European Union.

The bill also mandates that the Oklahoma State Board of Pharmacy certify foreign suppliers in those countries to distribute prescription drugs within the state, provided they meet certain conditions such as allowing inspections of their facilities and reviews of their safety procedures, Business Insurance reported.

The state Department of Health would establish and maintain a prescription drug Web site by January 1, 2007, to allow residents to buy prescription drugs online.

A similar bill has passed out of an Oklahoma House of Representatives committee. It now moves to the House floor for a full vote, according to the news report.

A number of states around the country have taken similar moves in recent years as they continue to scramble to find way to cut their health care coverage costs (See  Senate Committee Endorses Drug Reimportation Provision ).