EEOC Launches Web Page on Dispute Resolution

April 19, 2002 ( - The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) unveiled a new Web page containing information on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs for federal government agencies.

According to a press release from the Commission, the page, which is accessible from the EEOC Web site, provides information about ADR and related information for federal agencies and stakeholders.

The development of the new Web Page is part of the EEOC’s bid to  promote and expand the use of mediation and other types of ADR to solve employment discrimination in the private and federal sectors.

Apart from providing general ADR information, the page also contains details on pilot programs and contacts. Among the information links available are:

  • ADR Fact Sheet
  • A Questions and Answers section
  • ADR Program Development and Review, which includes types of ADR techniques, sample ADR forms, guidance on program development, and ADA/Rehabilitation Act accessibility issues, and
  • ADR Clearinghouse, which includes statutory and regulatory documents, sources and training for neutrals, training for managers, ethical standards and confidentiality, ADA/Rehabilitation Act mediation standards, and ADR video tapes.

The site can be accesses at