Electronic Plan "Heads-Up" System Unveiled

March 10, 2003 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Plan sponsors looking for ways to keep themselves and their financial advisors more on top of the plan's goings-on may want to consider a new product from a Mobile, Alabama retirement plan products provider.

DailyAccess.Com Inc. (DAC) is offering the conneKt alert system to electronically tap sponsors and advisors on the shoulder with notification of:

  • an overdue payroll
  • an unenrolled participant
  • an employee deferral contribution change
  • a conversion balance uploaded
  • an allowed distribution
  • a conversion valuation received
  • a distribution check request
  • an ACH
  • a newly terminated participant with a balance
  • an employer contribution due

DailyAccess manages recordkeeping, administration, compliance, trading, custody, information access systems, mutual fund company relationships, sales support and customer service, according to a news release.