Emerging Markets lifts CSFB/Tremont in June

July 16, 2001 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - The Credit Suisse First Boston Tremont Hedge Fund Index increased by 0.6% in June, with emerging market investing once again the top strategy for the month.

Best performing strategies this month, were:

  • emerging markets, which increased 1.5%
  • event driven, which was up by 1%, and
  • global Macro, also increasing by 1%.


Year-to-date, the index, designed to compare hedge fund performance against other major asset classes, rose by 2.1%, outperforming global indices, such as:

  • the S&P 500, which retreated by 7.3%,
  • the Nasdaq, which was down 12.6%
  • the Dow Jones, which fell 2.6%, and
  • the MSCI World Index, which fell by 11.2%

A dramatic drop in volatility, which peaked in February and March, characterized the month, affecting a number of strategies, particularly the managed futures strategy, which relies heavily on technical analysis.

Since inception in January 1994, the fund has returned 135.9%

The index comprises 339 US and offshore funds as of April 30, 2001 and is constructed using a database of more than 2,600 hedge funds.