Employees Willing To Pay More for Health Coverage

March 21, 2001 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - American workers have a healthy respect for their health benefits, with 45% saying they would prefer better benefits to a raise, and nearly two-thirds willing to pay extra for additional benefits.

Over 80% of survey respondents said that health insurance has become a major factor in their decision to accept a job.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) would be willing to pay more to keep their prescription drug coverage, by an average increase of some $35/month more.

Seventy percent favor some version of a patient’s bill of rights, with 81% willing to pay $5-10/month more for the right to sue an insurer.

Extended Coverage

Given the choice of seven procedures and drugs typically outside the coverage of most plans:

  • 81% would like to see laser eye surgery added
  • 64% would like to have it include birth control pills
  • 59% are in favor of adding cosmetic dentistry.

Approximately two-thirds of survey respondents are satisfied with their current health care insurer.

The fourth annual workplace study was sponsored by Consortium Health Plans, an alliance of 14 Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans aimed at multi-state employers.  Leflein Associates conducted the survey.