Enroll Link to Offer New EDI Enrollment Product

October 14, 2004 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - Enroll Link Inc. has announced the release of a new product aimed at EDI enrollment specialists and their current companies that will help them keep track of the changes in health plan EDI enrollment forms.

Accordiing to a news release, the program scans health plan Web sites that contain EDI enrollment forms nightly for changes. When the program detects that a form has been changed, Enroll Link will send the user an email with the payer name and the location of the newly updated form. The user then has the ability to download the revised form for use in the EDI enrollment process. The service currently monitors 280 health plan forms.

Enroll Link believes that this process will save users money by automating a process that previously had to be done manually, the company said. The company estimates the automation can save up to 30%.

More information on Enroll Link is at http://www.enrolllink.com/alert_services.htm .