HSA Conference

HSA Conference

  1. 8:30 am–9:15 am

    Registration and Breakfast
    Monroe Room – located on the 2nd floor

  2. 9:15 am–9:30 am

    Opening Remarks
    Michigan Room – located on the 2nd floor

  3. 9:30 am–10:15 am

    Landscape and Outlook for HSAs

    An overview of the industry and market; current affairs and future predictions, as well as what’s in store for these vehicles in Washington, D.C., with updates on California’s and New Jersey’s non-compliance with federal HSA rules.

    J. Kevin A. McKechnie, Executive Director ABA HSA Council, ABA Office of Insurance Advocacy

  4. 10:15 am–11:15 am

    Plan Design and Engagement Strategies

    There is a wide gap between employer HSA offerings and employee adoption and funding—a gap that needs to be bridged. Employees currently misunderstand the full value proposition that the accounts provide. Guidance and support are needed, from a “Welcome” email to setup and usage of its mobile app. Several proven methods by which to engage and incentivize employees—via education, communication and plan design—will be discussed.

    Daniel Bryant, President, National Sales, Retirement and Private Wealth, Sheridan Road Financial, a division of HUB International

    Glen Kvadus, Vice President, Optum Financial Services
    Jamie D. Greenleaf,
    Lead Advisor / Principal, Cafaro Greenleaf 

  5. 11:15 am–11:45 am

    Refreshment Break
    Monroe Room

  6. 11:45 am–12:15 pm

    HSA Administration Best Practices

    What common challenges will plan sponsors face in administering HSAs, and how can those be avoided? A solid foundation for HSA administration, with a strategic vision for plan outcomes, is key. This session covers best practices for eligibility, enrollment and activation, managing contributions, distributions and more.

    Judy Faust Hartnett, Managing Editor, PLANSPONSOR magazine

    Matt Richardson, Senior Vice President/Sales Manager, UMB Healthcare Services

  7. 12:15 pm–1:00 pm

    Keynote Address: How HSAs can Play a Role in Healthcare, Long-term Care, and Retirement

    This presentation will briefly touch on Nationwide’s Annual Healthcare and Retirement Survey, while educating on common retirement expenses such as Medicare and Long-Term Care.  A strong plan using HSAs can help employees prepare for retirement more effectively.

    Carlo Cordasco, Vice President, Nationwide Retirement Institute®

    Sponsored by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company

  8. 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

    Cathedral Hall – located on the 9th floor

  9. 2:00 pm–2:30 pm

    Evaluation and Selection of an Optimal Investment Lineup

    The HSA market has grown rapidly and is often compared to the advent of 401(k) plans. This session will take an in-depth look at the benefits and limitations of each account highlighting why an HSA investment menu is more nuanced than a typical 401(k) plan, plus what to consider when selecting an HSA lineup.

    Alison Cooke Mintzer, Publisher, ISS Media

    Gregory F. Adams, Consultant, Fiduciary Investment Advisors, LLC

  10. 2:30 pm–3:15 pm

    The Relationship Between Retirement Plans and HSAs

    For employers, there are many considerations as to how HSAs can integrate with or mirror the retirement plan. The panel will discuss how employers can most effectively allocate dollars between health and retirement savings vehicles.

    Alison Cooke Mintzer, Publisher, ISS Media

    William Applegate, Vice President, HSA products, Fidelity Investments
    Brian Lynch,
    Strategic Account Manager, Defined Contribution Division, US, Franklin Templeton

  11. 3:15 pm–3:30 pm

    Refreshment Break
    Monroe Room

  12. 3:30 pm–4:30 pm

    Financial Wellness and HSAs

    For participants, one of the biggest challenges an HSA presents is how to fit it into their broader financial picture. Employees have several workplace options for saving—traditional 401(k)s, Roth 401(k)s, HSAs, etc.—and various debt obligations such as student loans and mortgages. This discussion will be explore how employees can best allocate their money according to their individual situation.

    Alison Cooke Mintzer, Publisher, ISS Media

    Kenneth Verzella, Head of Financial Wellness Strategist Group, Investment Innovation Solutions Workplace Product, MassMutual
    Nate Black,
    AVP – Health Savings and Spending Accounts, Voya Financial® 
    Paul Galliano,
    Institutional Sales Manager, Bank of America

  13. 4:30 pm

    Closing Remarks

  14. 4:30 pm–5:30 pm

    Networking Reception
    Monroe Room