Expansion of MD Health Care Act Introduced

March 20, 2006 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - A bill to mandate employer spending on employee health care for companies of all sizes has been introduced in the Maryland legislature.

House bill  1510 sets requirements for health care spending for employers of the state with less than 10,000 employees.  

Under the new bill, nonprofit employers must spend at least 3% of total employee wages toward health insurance or pay the difference into the state fund, while for-profit organizations will be required to spend at least 4.5% of wages.

The bill also will require individuals whose income is above 350% of the poverty level and who do not select employer-provided health care to pay income tax on an amount equal to certain state benefits received.

The Maryland Fair Share Health Care Act requires that employers with 10,000 or more employees spend at least 8% on health care coverage for employees or pay the difference between what they spend and the 8% to a state low-income health insurance fund (See  Veto of ‘Wal-Mart Bill’ Overridden in MD Senate ).