Fidelity Hits the Market With Two HR Outsourcing Offerings

November 5, 2003 ( - Fidelity Investments has unveiled two new products as part of its HR outsourcing offerings - one to help workers more easily select a workplace health plan and the other to help workers resolve claims disputes.

According to a news release, Fidelity’s new Plan Finder interactive online product helps employees make more informed health plan selections. Utilized during annual enrollment season and for new hires, the Plan Finder helps employees identify the medical plans that best fit their personal preferences, such as whether it is more important to have access to a broad array of hospitals and doctors or to minimize the amount deducted from one’s paycheck.

Through a three-step process, participants enter their preferences, answer a series of tradeoff questions and then Plan Finder identifies and ranks the available health plans that best fit their needs, according to Fidelity.

The second new offering, a Participant Advocacy service, helps employees resolve claims issues and better communicate with, and understand their health care plans, according to the company.

This service provides the personal assistance of a support specialist who can help resolve issues with health plan claims administrators, such as determining the status of a claim, requesting expedited claims processing or understanding a claims denial or reduction.

Advocates help participants reach the appropriate claims administrator. They also help ensure that participants understand their claims administrator’s response to questions related to topics such as medical necessity, quality of care, diagnosis or appropriateness of care, or requests for exceptions regarding formulary or generic drugs.

Advocates also assist employees in comprehending plan details; including explaining benefits statements, referral and pre-certification requirements, as well as comparing in-network and out-of-network options.