Fidelity Launches HRIS Enhancements

January 7, 2003 ( - Fidelity Investments has announced expanded capabilities to its human resources and payroll outsourcing platform and enhancements to its Time and Attendance service offerings provided by Fidelity Employer Services Company.

The Fidelity PaperlessPay service will provide an option for employees who use direct deposit to stop the delivery of printed earnings statements.   Employees would then receive e-mail notification of the availability online of their statements, in addition to an archive of pay statements received over the past 18 months. The information can then be accessed through Fidelity’s NetBenefits Web site.

Time and Attendance

Fidelity’s enhancements to its Time and Attendance service will allow employers to manage overtime, track employee attendance and expand support for time entry devices.

The enhancement rollout, scheduled for early 2003, will be part of an expanding suite of eWorkplace self-service tools powered by Workbrain, Inc, a provider of Employee Relationship Management software and includes:

  • Resource scheduling – replaces manual scheduling systems by allowing employers to define their staffing requirements and to schedule the necessary personnel electronically. The system then automatically assigns employees according to the defined business rules.   Additional search features will allow employers to manually find the appropriate personnel with the necessary skill sets and schedule them for a particular shift, job, or project.   Scheduled workers receive an e-mail notification on when and where they need to report.
  • Overtime equalization – features a point system that helps employers track and manage the overtime work being offered to union workers, replacing the paper-based spreadsheet systems that tracked the overtime offered to employees.
  • Badge swipe device support –helps companies accurately capture and track employee activity at the beginning and end of each work session.   Badge swipe data can now be captured from a variety of clock devices and transformed into a Web based format.