Fidelity Tacks on Performance Management to Outsourcing Bundle

October 8, 2003 ( - Expanding its assortment of human resources and payroll outsourcing offerings, Fidelity Investments is rolling out performance management capabilities.

Fidelity Performance Management, part of the firm’s eWorkplaceself-service solutions suite, is designed to provide managers and employees access and support for different segments of the performance management process including goal setting, feedback collection and performance evaluation. This is accomplished through the program’s three modules – Plan, Coach, and Appraise – according to a news release.

The Plan module allows managers and employees to work together to establish performance and development expectations, while the Coach module allows the exchange of performance guidance and recommendations. At the end of the cycle, the Appraise module allows managers to measure performance and develop and submit performance reviews based on initial goals and feedback collected throughout the year.

Additionally, the Appraise module allows employees to perform and submit self-appraisals by rating and reviewing their own performance against organizational and departmental goals. This can help managers when providing feedback to employees about their performance, the organization’s expectations of them, and their developmental needs.