Firm Introduces Site Development Software

February 1, 2006 ( - Tuscon, Arizona-based dailyVest has unveiled a new software product designed to help display raw investor data on a Web site.

A news release said the new offering will give investors a:

  • picture of their personal performance and personal rate of return,
  • consolidated view of their retirement account or portfolio, and
  • current view of the makeup of the account or portfolio, especially asset allocation.

The new software includes a calculation engine to process the data, and various graphical and HTML output generators for displaying personalized results, with the ability to customize content, according to the company.

The company said that because of the private nature of account information, Investment Personalization Platform is typically located within the account access website behind the firewall. Clients may install the platform or have dailyVest’s services personnel perform the task.

According to dailyVest, connection to a recordkeeping system data source is accomplished using pre-built “data connectors” or custom APIs. In most cases, these connections are facilitated by using software “calls” already in use within the host system.

The final step is to insert specialized HTML-like tags within a Web site’s pages. Tags correspond to specific investment information such as personal rate of return, asset allocation charts, and transaction and position lists, according to the company.

More information is at .