Firm Offers Health Reform Impact Analysis

April 11, 2013 ( - Insight Benefits Group, a national employee benefits and risk management firm, offers an Employer Impact Analysis for health care reform.

The customizable actuarial model inputs variables into a formula, including tax rates, medical trend rates, household income assumptions and employee contribution. Then, the model trends salary and rates to 2014 and makes an estimate of the likely 2014 health plan enrollment for an employee.   

Since the calculation is a seriatim calculation, the logic is applied for each individual’s circumstances and then rolled up for the entity as a whole. With the model, employers can analyze three different scenarios; making no changes to their current plan design offerings, terminating their group medical plan or maintaining a group medical plan, but only offering a 60% actuarial value plan design option.   

“With the Employer Impact Analysis, employers can be proactive and plan ahead for the changes before they make a drastic decision and opt for a hefty fine,” said Jay Jensen of Insight Benefits Group. “This tool offers insight into the various scenarios and helps employers weigh their options through detailed reports and data.”  

For more information, contact Jay Jensen via email at or phone at 309-826-8378.