Firm Unveils Sudan Involvement Database

November 22, 2005 ( - A Boston firm is offering institutional investors and money managers an information source about the extent of a particular company's involvement in Sudan.

A news release from KLD Research & Analytics said the online information service is designed to be integrated into a customer’s trading or compliance systems.

According to the announcement, the database covers public companies with the followingSudan ties:

  • Owns or Controls Property or Assets inSudan
  • Has Employees or Facilities inSudan
  • Provides Goods or Services to Companies Domiciled inSudan
  • Obtains Goods or Services fromSudan
  • Distribution Agreements with Companies Domiciled inSudan
  • Issues Credits or Loans to Companies Domiciled inSudan
  • Purchases Goods or Commercial Paper Issued by the Government ofSudan.

KLD updates the Sudan Compliance list using third party providers, government agencies (including the Office of Foreign Asset Control), press searches, trade journals, industry and regional publications, and direct contact with the company, according to the release.

More information is at   . Many institutional investors have been selling off positions in companies withSudan ties because of continuing political turmoil in that country.