Firms Team Up to Drive Engagement in Employee Health Programs

August 5, 2010 ( - Fidelity Investments has announced an alliance with RedBrick Health to provide employers and their employees with an integrated health engagement platform.

According to the announcement, the platform gives employers a method to compensate actively engaged employees based on their levels of participation and healthy behavior.

Employers can choose from a range of incentive offers, including applying rewards toward health care premium reductions, contributions to HSAs or funding an employer-sponsored retirement plan such as a 401(k). If the feature is offered by an employer, participating employees could elect to have an employer contribution made to their retirement account as a reward.  

RedBrick Health’s platform first takes participants through an interactive online health assessment. The results are combined with the participant’s biometric screening and health care utilization history and run through RedBrick Health’s engagement engine to produce a Personal HealthMap. Each participant’s Personal HealthMap links to tailored health improvement programs based on the participant’s profile. Customized communications are delivered at intervals determined by the employer and employee to help participants track progress and earn financial rewards.   

RedBrick Health will work with employers to select wellness, disease and chronic care management programs for their workforce. These programs focus on obesity and physical fitness, smoking cessation, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure, chronic disease management, and lifestyle coaching programs aimed at improving diet and nutrition.   

Once the Fidelity and RedBrick Health platform is launched, employers and participating employees receive ongoing measurement and strategic feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs and services offered. Employees can access their programs online and view financial incentives earned.