Former Mets' HR Director Sues Over Sex, Race Discrimination

December 21, 2004 ( - The New York Mets, their Chief Operating Officer, the owner's son, and the Mets' General Council have all been named in a lawsuit that alleges sex, race and color discrimination by a former Director of Human Resources.

Shez Jackson – who holds a Masters’ Degree in Human Resources – contends that during her employment with the baseball organization, she was advised by Mets management that she was responsible for cleaning the kitchen at Shea Stadium. When she complained, the Mets’ owner’s son, Jeffrey Wilpon, confirmed that the $85,500-a-year worker was responsible for the kitchen, according to a statement from Jackson’s lawyers, Tuckner, Sipser, Weinstock & Sipser.

Jackson was allegedly also told by Mets’ General Council David Cohen that she would be responsible for ensuring that breakfast cereal be available at 8:30 each morning. She suggested that a receptionist might be able to do the job, but later acquiesced and stocked the kitchen, Jackson alleges. Cohen later complained the the cereal containers “poured out only one or two Cheerios at a time,” according to the statement.

Jackson also contends that she was paid less than men in comparable positions at the Mets’ organization, was denied promised raises and promotions, and was fired after complaining about her treatment. She is seeking monetary compensation, which includes both compensatory and punitive damages, according to the statement.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in New York earlier this month, according to the statement.