A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In Hong Kong, workers at a potato chip factory made a scary finding among a shipment of imported potatoes—a German-made World War I grenade. South China Morning Post reported a military historian said the grenade had likely been dug up by accident by potato harvesters in France. Police said they used a “high-pressure water firing technique” to safely detonate the weapon.


In Lee County, Florida, a Papa John’s delivery driver went to the door of a house where he was delivering pizzas when a 14-year-old girl allegedly popped out of some nearby bushes and stole his unlocked 2006 Ford Taurus. The girl first drove to Lehigh Acres Middle School, but when a policeman approached the car, she drove off quickly. Her wild ride was tracked by a police helicopter, according to the Orlando Sentinel, and she was eventually apprehended. Her father told TV station WBBH that his daughter’s plan was to meet her boyfriend.


In Fall River, Massachusetts, a woman walked into a credit union and approached a teller. She hesitated, then told the teller, “give me a minute,” and went to a counter and wrote on a piece of paper. However, according to the Associated Press, she ripped up the note, dropped the pieces in the trash and walked out. Bank employees pieced the note together and it said: “Give me the money.” Police are looking for the woman.


In Hilgermissen, Germany, there are no street names, and there won’t be any time soon. Hilgermissen was formed in the 1970s out of several villages. Addresses currently consist of a house number and the name of a former village, a system that has become more unwieldy as new buildings are added, according to the Associated Press. Official results from a referendum held on Sunday showed 60% of voters in the municipality rejected the local council’s plan to name the streets, while 40% supported the proposal. The vote is binding for two years.


In New Orleans, Louisiana, a man entered a Popeyes fast food chicken restaurant and tried to steal money from the register, NOLA.com/The Times-Picayune reports. But police say the register wouldn’t budge so he did what he thought was the next best thing. He took some fried chicken and left. He was arrested and charged with simple robbery and simple battery.In Minnesota, a man used the polar vortex to demonstrate the saying, “freezing your pants off.”

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Getting a phone call can be very exciting—for babies.

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