A Little Friday File Fun

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In Canberra, Australia, the U.S. embassy has issued an apology for a fake meeting invitation that was emailed from the State Department that featured a picture of a pajama-wearing cat. According to the Australian Associated Press, the cat in question appeared beneath the title “cat pajama-jam,” wore a blue Cookie Monster outfit and held a plate of chocolate-chip cookies. The public affairs counselor at the U.S. Mission to Australia, said it was a “training error” that was made by a new staff member who was “testing out our email newsletter platform.”


In Lincoln, Nebraska, the state’s next tourism campaign has a self-deprecating bent: “Nebraska. Honestly, it’s not for everyone.” The slogan, unveiled by the Nebraska Tourism Commission, will replace the current “Through My Eyes” campaign this spring, commission marketing manager Jenn Gjerde said, according to the Associate Press. State tourism director John Ricks told the Omaha World-Herald that because Nebraska consistently ranks as the least likely state tourists plan to visit, the marketing campaign needed to be different. “To make people listen, you have to hook them somehow,” Ricks said. “We had to shake people up.”


In Manila, Philippines, sanitation workers unblocking a drain discovered dozens of wallets had been clogging it up, some containing credit cards and IDs, but no money. The items were turned over to police so they could identify and alert the owners who were likely victims of pickpockets, a police officer said, according to Reuters.


In Columbia, Missouri, a Nobel laureate will get his own place on a bike rack. This is how the University of Missouri is honoring its Nobel Prize-winning scientist George Smith. Other schools have recognized their Nobel laureates with a dedicated parking space, but the Associated Press reports that the 77-year-old Smith admits he’s “not a good driver.” He lives less than a mile from the Columbia campus and bikes to work every day.
In Fulshear, Texas, it seems a giant spider is creeping up behind a police officer during a traffic stop. But, the spider is actually on the officer’s windshield.

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Not-so-modern technology still amazes some.

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Original rap songs—nursery rhymes.

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