FRIDAY FILES – November 8, 2019

And now it's time for FRIDAY FILES!

In Anchorage, Alaska, anyone with unpaid parking fines at the University of Alaska Anchorage campus has the option to reduce or cover the cost of their tickets with peanut butter and jelly. KTUU-TV reported the university would take donations for their annual payment tradition until November 8 to help combat student hunger. Officials say the food goes to students in need.

In Evans, Louisiana, a woman who worked at a medical clinic has been arrested for selling fake doctor’s notes to students so they can get out of going to school. According to the Associated Press, Vernon Parish Sheriff Sam Craft says the woman was selling medical excuses for $20 each. He says two students at Evans High School received excuses on 14 occasions. Deputies said a physician received a call from Vernon Parish School Board about the absence notes. He told deputies that he didn’t treat the students nor did he authorize the excuses.

In Kankakee, Illinois, the Sheriff’s Office posted a picture on Facebook of a man wanted for failure to appear on a DUI charge. The man commented, “Where’s my costume?” The photo was then edited to add a sailor costume and hat that said, “Ahoy.” The man held up his end of the bargain and turned himself in.

A simple act of kindness.

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A weather man got into the Halloween spirit with an eye-catching costume.

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