FRIDAY FUN – January 21, 2022

And now it's time for some FRIDAY FUN!

A couch taxi, grandpa fail, frozen food, and more.

In Jefferson City, Missouri, cellphone users received an alert from the state highway patrol that said: “Authorities in Gotham City, Missouri, were searching for a purple and green 1978 Dodge 3700GT.” But, there is no Gotham City in Missouri, and the car it said authorities were looking for describes the Joker’s car in the 1989 “Batman” movie. Soon after the alert was sent, the highway patrol sent another message to disregard the first. According to the Associated Press, the patrol said that during a test of Missouri’s Blue Alert system, an option was incorrectly selected that mistakenly sent the alert statewide.

This is not the correct way to haul a couch. If you can’t view the below video, try

Will he ever trust grandpa again? If you can’t view the below video, try

In Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, there’s a different meaning for “frozen food.” If you can’t view the below video, try

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