A Little Friday File Fun

In Delaware County, Pennsylvania, a man shoved potatoes down his toilet for some unknown reason, causing it to clog, authorities said. According to the local NBC station, the man called the apartment building’s maintenance department several times for help, but they didn’t immediately respond. So he tried to get their attention by pulling the fire alarm. The three-story building was evacuated and police and fire officials came to the scene. The man explained why he pulled the fire alarm, and he was placed under arrest.

In Oswego, Illinois, a pizza delivery driver caught the attention of police when he went through a parking lot to avoid a red light. Police stopped the vehicle and found drug parap.hernalia, so they arrested the driver and a friend, according to the New York Daily News. Officers noticed from a receipt that the customer to whom the driver was delivering had already paid for the order and lived nearby. So, they delivered the pizza. The customer was startled, but relieved that the officers were delivering pizza and not there for other reasons, a Facebook post from Oswego Police said.

In Pensacola, Florida, police attempted to stop a man driving with no tag lights. When they put on their siren, the man pulled over and fled on foot. A deputy gave chase, but lost sight of the man. According to the Pensacola News Journal, a K-9 unit was deployed, but led deputies in a large circle. Then, the group heard a noise they described as sounding like a “snorting wild boar.” They followed the sound to find the man napping underneath a trailer.