Funds Flow to Equities, From Bonds & Hybrids in August

September 29, 2000 ( - America's mutual funds increased by 5.7% to $7.49 trillion in August, as cash continued to flow from bond and hybrid funds and into equities. Equity fund flows were up 35% from July's pace.

Cash flow into stock funds was $23.43 billion in August, up from July’s $17.34 billion, according to the Investment Company Institute.

  • Aggressive growth funds increased to $8.22 billion from $6.67 billion in July.
  • Growth funds had cash flow of $11.43 billion in August, compared with $10.37 billion a month earlier
  • International funds gained $3.79 billion, compared with $1.46 billion last month

Funds continued to leave growth and income funds, with an outflow of $2.50 billion in August, compared with an outflow of $1.87 billion in July.

Hybrid funds also saw continued outflows, with $1.34 billion leaving in August on top of $1.51 billion a month earlier.

Bond funds also suffered outflows, with taxable bond funds waving good-bye to $1.29 billion in August ($1.61 billion in July) and municipal bond funds saw $654.4 million leave in August, compared with an inflow of $881.0 million in July.

Assets of stock mutual funds increased by $350.00 billion in August, while hybrid fund assets increased by $11.29 billion in August. Bond funds grew by $6.73 billion last month.