GFI Bringing FX Volatility Data To Risk Managers

February 11, 2003 ( - Risk managers in search of data for the foreign exchange (FX) options market may be interested in GFI's launch of a new service to provide greater access to market data.

The FX options broker announced the availability of daily valuation of implied volatility surfaces for over-the-counter FX options in 20 of the most frequently traded currency pairs. GFI said the data will then be intended to reflect actual, traded and inter-bank prices, supplemented with quotes from the company’s consortium of brokers.

GFI will provide daily, implied volatility data for each of the twenty currency pairs in which the vast majority of business is transacted from one week to 12 months. For each time period, GFI will provide At The Money Forward and 25 delta points, in addition to the generation of 10 delta points.

The volatility data provided by GFI will then be available for download into risk management systems or into GFI’s FENICS FX software. Additionally, user of Moneyline Telerate will benefit from a partnership between GFI and the system, which will deliver the service directly to Telerate market data screens.

Data can also be found on display on Telerate pages 3760-65 and 3771-75 and a subset is scheduled for daily publishing in the Financial Times.

More information can be found at GFI’s Web site