GoalPath Offers Defined Outcome System

The company calls it a defined outcome system because it is a suite of tools that emphasizes retirement income over account balances.

GoalPath, a registered investment adviser (RIA) that acts as a fiduciary, has rolled out a suite of financial planning, financial wellness and asset allocation tools for retirement plan advisers and sponsors.

“Employers today want to help their employees retire on time by adding low-cost, custom ‘do-it-for-me’ investment options, easing stress through financial wellness programs and gathering data to make smarter plan decisions,” says Marko Ungashick, chief executive officer of GoalPath. “The challenge is that they’ve been forced to address all these issues in silos, negotiating fees and services with multiple providers. We believe GoalPath will enable retirement plan sponsors to help their employees achieve their savings and spending goals in one easy-to-use, low-cost solution tailored to each individual’s unique situation.”

The program offers target-date funds that consider not just a participant’s age but other data, and it emphasizes retirement income over account balances. Vern Cushenbery, chief investment officer at GoalPath says the porfolios do this by systematically investing and accumulating “slices of retirement income” to generate a stream of inflation-adjusted annual income throughout retirement for each individual.

“By seeking to manage the relevant risks,” Cushenbery says, “We aim to increase clarity for investors as they plan for retirement, and to enable the delivery of meaningful information to help participants and plan sponsors better assess retirement readiness.”

To learn more, visit https://goalpathsolutions.com.