GOP Group Unveils Health Reform Plan

June 17, 2009 ( - Members of the Republican centrist Tuesday Group have released their core health care reform proposal.

A news release from U.S. Representative Charlie Dent (R-Pennsylvania) and Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) outlined the details of the “Medical Rights and Reform Act” reform blueprint. A key feature: greater tax incentives for individuals and small businesses to buy health insurance, the announcement said.

According to the news release, in addition to not restricting a patient’s access to his or her doctor of choice, the plan also features provisions relating to:

  • insurance market reforms;
  • high-risk pools;
  • community health networks;
  • new association options for small businesses;
  • lawsuit reforms;
  • upgrades and acceleration of health IT programs to improve the quality of care and reduce errors;
  • strong standards and processes to target waste, fraud and abuse; and
  • targeted prevention and wellness programs to address costly chronic diseases and promote healthy living.

The proposal encourages state-centered insurance markets reforms; gives low-income families the option to use public funds to purchase private health insurance plans; enhances Health Savings Accounts; allows young adults to remain dependents on their parent’s plan; and expands rural health care programs.

“The Medical Rights and Reform Act applies common-sense centrist principles to the health care debate by lowering costs and expanding access without compromising the doctor-patient relationship, jeopardizing the quality of American medicine or raising taxes on the American people,” Kirk said, in the announcement. “We can reform health care without breaking the bank.”

Added Dent: “This package makes deliberate and responsible reforms to our health care system that reinforces the strengths of American health care while addressing the shortcomings.”

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