Guide Helps Employers Manage Health Benefit Vendors

February 1, 2011 ( – The Integrated Benefits Institute has introduced a resource to help employers better coordinate their health benefits suppliers to reduce waste while improving the employee experience and workforce health and productivity.

A news release said the “how-to” guide, Winning Together: Turning Vendors into Partners for Workforce Health and Productivity, includes a DVD to explain these coordination strategies; a downloadable toolkit of checklists, templates and guides and information on IBI modeling; and measurement tools.

“Historically employers organized their many health-related benefits programs in independent silos, even though the multiple vendors that provide health-related services target the very same people,” said Thomas Parry, president, IBI, in the news release. “Many employers now want to take a more holistic and integrated approach. The information in this tool kit assists employers in managing their health, absence and disability-related vendors to coordinate services and improve the health and productivity of the workforce.”

Funded by Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems,  the DVD features a conversation between Thomas Parry and Chris McSwain, who now works for Walmart as Vice President, U.S. Benefits.

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