Health Plans Receive Passing Grades

March 30, 2004 ( - Even if the public perception about health-care providers has turned south in recent years, health plan participants still overwhelmingly approve of their coverage.

The majority of insured adults with employer-provided plans (42%) rated their health-care plan a “B” while a quarter (25%) gave their plan high marks with an “A” grade. By comparison, only 19% rated their plan a “C,” 10% gave it a “D” and 2% said their plan was a complete failure, with an “F” grade, according to a study conducted by Harris Interactive.

These grades have held up remarkably well since 1999. By comparison, 1999 saw 26% of the polls participants handing out “A” grades, 43% awarding “B” grades, 22% giving “C” marks, 6% rating their plan a “D” and only 1% saying the plan merited an “F.”

Similarly, in 2004 41% of insured adults said they would definitely recommend their plan to a family member or friend. This compares to 35% that would probably recommend, 11% that would probably not recommend, 7% that would definitely not recommend and 6% that were not sure/refused to answer.

This Harris Interactive survey was conducted by telephone within the United States between February 9 and 16, 2004, among a sample of 911 insured adults, aged 18 and over.