Health Reform Changes Headed Back to House

March 25, 2010 ( - The U.S. Senate on Thursday afternoon approved 56 - 43 a package of changes to the health reform overhaul signed by President Obama on Tuesday.

However, the final package of changes to the health care reform measure must be approved again by the House of Representatives after the Senate parliamentarian struck two minor provisions on Thursday.According to Business Insurance, Senate Democratic aides said the parliamentarian upheld two Republican challenges on points of order under budget reconciliation rules, involving the revamp of the student loan program.       

Under the reconciliation rules, each provision in the package must have a budgetary impact, Business Insurance explained.      

Late Sunday night, House democrats approved the overhaul bill already approved in the U.S. Senate; however, they also approved a package of changes to the Senate proposal, which Republicans vowed to fight (see Employers Face Health Coverage Mandate in 2014, or Do They?). Minutes after President Barack Obama signed the bill into law, more than a dozen states filed a lawsuit claiming the bill is unconstitutional (see Obama Signs Health Reform and the Fight Begins).