Help-Wanted Advertising Index Flat in July

August 30, 2001 ( - The Conference Board's Help-Wanted Advertising Index, a measure of the US job market, remained flat in July.

The figure now stands at 58, the same as June, but much lower than the 82 recorded for July last year.

Over the last three months, employment advertising fell in all nine US regions, with the deepest drops occurring in:

  • West North Central, where help-wanted advertising fell by 21.2%,
  • Middle Atlantic, where it was down by 13%,
  • West South Central, where it decreased by 12.4%, and
  • East North Central, down by 10.8%.

The Conference Board surveys help-wanted advertising volume in 51 major newspapers across the country every month. Because advertising volume has proven to be sensitive to labor market conditions, this measure provides a gauge of change in the local, regional and national supply of jobs.