Hewitt Provides Health Data to Clinical Advocates

September 9, 2010 (PLANSPONSOR.com) – Hewitt Associates has added Thomson Reuters Micromedex, an “evidence-based reference information for drug, disease, toxicology and patient education” to its clinical advocacy services.

A Hewitt news release said Hewitt’s advocacy clinicians now have access to additional data to help employees and their family members, which Hewitt said has traditionally only been available to hospitals and other medical facilities.

The news release said the additional data source allows Hewitt personnel to review evidence-based information covering medication management, disease conditions, toxicology and patient education materials and answer questions related to multiple diagnosis and treatment plans.

“An increasing number of companies are focused on wellness, education and treatment options that can keep their employees healthy and on the job. Providing workers and their families with access to credible and reliable medical experts should be an integral part of this effort,” said Michelle Olef, director of Hewitt’s Advocacy Services, in the news release. “By adding Micromedex information to Hewitt’s Advocacy solution, our advocates can better help millions of people confidently make informed decisions about their own health and medical treatments, as well as those of their family members.”

Hewitt’s clients also have access to the Thomson Reuters Consumer Health Solution, which provides a range of Web-based patient education tools, the news release said. This includes information on general health, nutrition, drug and disease topics, as well as content from A.D.A.M. Inc., a provider of consumer health information, benefits technology solutions and online education resources.  

Hewitt’s advocacy solutions enable employees of client organizations and their family members to get advice from medical professionals (both nurses and doctors) about their health care concerns, the company said.

More information about Hewitt is at www.hewitt.com