HFN Launches Hedge Fund Screening Tool

July 23, 2008 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - HedgeFund.net has launched the HFN Multi-Factor Ranking Model to allow hedge fund investors to screen for the best relative ranked funds in the HFN database of 8,300+ hedge funds, funds of funds, and CTA/managed futures products.

The tool, available to accredited investors registered on  www.HedgeFund.net  as Premium Subscribers, creates a relative ranking of the hedge funds, funds of funds or CTA/Managed Futures products in the HFN database by four quantitative measures. According to a press release, users can modify the factor weightings, minimum fund inception time horizons, and/or asset sizes of funds.

The four factors take into account fund performance, risk adjusted performance, downside volatility, and historical maximum loss. Users may weight each factor from 5% to 95% and select two, three, or four factors with total weighting equal to 100%, the announcement said. Funds are ranked by the weighted sum of their relative rank for each factor selected; funds with the lowest weighted sum are ranked highest.

For inclusion in the relative ranking tables funds must represent a minimum of $15 million in assets under management, at least 12 months of performance history since inception, and report performance and assets to HFN within one month of month’s end. Rankings are updated the first of each month for the prior month.

To inquire about a one-year Premium Access subscription for $195.00, email ais@hedgefund.net or call 212-230-2211.