Hooters Girl Claims Weight Discrimination

May 21, 2010 (PLANSPONSOR.com) – A Hooters girl in Michigan says she was put on probation because of her weight.

Twenty-year-old Cassandra Smith told the Detroit News that after receiving high marks in other areas during her yearly evaluation, her assistant manager and general manager and two officials from Hooters of America Inc. headquarters in Atlanta told her she received the lowest marks for her “uniform fitting.” Smith said she was confused by the comment because since the start of her employment, she has worn the company-issued shirt and shorts in extra small, and if anything she has been losing weight.  

She was then offered a free gym membership and given 30 days to improve, and told that if she did not comply within 60 days, she would be fired. Smith is 5 foot 8 inches tall and weighs 132 pounds, according to the news report.  

Smith said she does not plan on returning to work, and is contemplating legal action.   

In a statement, Hooters of America said it upholds image standards for its Hooters Girls, but does not impose weight requirements, according to the Detroit News. Mike McNeil, the vice president of marketing for Hooters of America, said “our practice of upholding an image standard based on appearance, attitude and fitness for Hooters Girls is both legal and fair. It is not unlike the standard used by the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders or the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes.”  

“However, as popular as the job might be, being a Hooters Girl is not for everyone,” he added.