HR Enhances Company Agility

April 17, 2002 ( - Corporate executives believe that their companies need to be faster and more agile in order to succeed, and that the HR department plays a role in making this happen, a survey by Hewitt Associates finds.

When asked if their company’s HR function currently has a role in improving organizational speed and agility, 38% of the CEO respondents said yes
compared to 43% of the HR professionals surveyed.

However, 71% of CEOs and 91% of HR executives believe HR should help lead the way in the company’s future efforts to improve its speed and agility.

Further, HR survey participants believe that if their respective organizations were faster and more flexible, it would result in:

  • significantly improved talent management efforts, cited by 81%
  • better M&A and restructuring initiatives, mentioned by 62%
  • enhanced HR service delivery, cited by 50%.

Conversely, the HR executives surveyed cite three main barriers to creating a fast and agile environment within their organizations:

  • lack of agreement on what to do
  • lack of necessary technology
  • lack of necessary funding.

Hewitt surveyed CEOs and HR leaders representing 188 large companies in the “Improving Your Organization’s Speed and Agility” study.