HR Managers Favor Bush's Health Policy Proposals

October 28, 2004 ( - A survey of human resource and benefits managers overwhelmingly support President Bush's proposals for health coverage over those proposed by challenger John Kerry.

The survey showed conclusively that managers favored individual responsibility and tax credits in their health care coverage, hallmarks of Bush health care proposals. Nearly 49% said that President Bush’s initiatives would do a better job of controlling costs under their companies’ plans than those proposed by Senator Kerry, according to an Aon Consulting survey. Only 14.4% favored the current system modified by government reinsurance, employer mandates, and providing individual access to the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan as proposed by the presidential challenger.

Opinion on who would deliver the better health coverage was also heavily tilted in Bush’s favor (48% to 14% for Kerry).

The issue of health care seems to be on the tops of manager’s minds this election season according to the survey. Ninety-seven percent of respondents thought that the health care issue was somewhat or very important this election cycle. However, 41% thought neither candidate will be able to make any difference in delivery of health coverage.

Managers do, however, disagree on drug importation. Almost three-quarters of managers believe that their plans should be allowed to import prescription drugs from abroad in order to reduce escalating costs, according to the survey.

The survey, conducted by Aon Consulting, the global human resource consulting firm, polled 327 companies anonymously over the past two weeks. The results are available at .