HSA Growth Continues

July 6, 2011 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - An annual census by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) of U.S. health insurance carriers shows that the number of people covered by health savings account/high-deductible health plans (HSA/HDHPs) totaled 11.4 million in January 2011.

This is up from 10 million in January 2010 (see Trade Group Data Shows HSA Market Growth), 8 million in January 2009, and 6.1 million in January 2008. HSA/HDHP plans accounted for 10% of all new health insurance purchases in January 2011.  

Overall, enrollment in HSA/HDHP coverage in the group market rose to 9.1 million in January 2011, up from 8 million in January 2010. Enrollment in the individual market rose to 2.4 million covered lives in January 2011, up from 2.1 million in January 2010.  

Gender distribution of lives covered by an HSA/HDHP as of January 2011 was 51% male and 49% female. Forty-nine percent of all HSA/HDHP enrollees in the individual market (including dependents covered under family plans) were age 40 or over; 51% were under age 40.  

States with the highest percentage of HSA/HDHP enrollees among their under-65 populations with private health insurance were: Minnesota (14.9%); Vermont (11.4%); Colorado (11.3%); Montana (10.8%); Ohio (10.6%); and Indiana (10.6%). States with the highest levels of HSA/HDHP enrollment were: California (1,073,319); Texas (844,832); Ohio (728,868); Illinois (690,509); and Florida (656,243).  

The census report indicates that overall, preferred provider organization (PPO) products (92%) were the most popular product types.   

Over 85% of responding companies reported offering online member access to HAS account information, health education information, physician-specific information, and personal health records as consumer decision support tools for their members.  

The report is at http://www.ahipresearch.org/pdfs/HSA2011.pdf.