I'm OK, You're Going to Have Trouble: Worker Survey

August 29, 2002 (PLANSPONSOR.com) - While US workers seem reasonably comfortable with their current job status, they figure that other folks are likely to struggle.

A new survey by Right Management Consultants found that, while three quarters of respondents said they felt secure in their own employment, more than half said they wouldn’t be surprised if a family member or friend got the ax.
Three-fourths of worker respondents expect higher unemployment overall and eight of ten said it wouldn’t be easy for laid-off workers to find a new post.

According to the survey, white workers felt more confident about their job prospects than did blacks. And workers who earned $75,000 or more a year felt more confident than did workers earning $25,000 or less.

Blacks were more likely than whites to say there was a possibility of losing their job in the next year (36% to 22%), the survey said.

Female workers believed more strongly than male workers that the unemployment rate would rise (80% to 72%), the survey found.

The Right Career Confidence Index is made up of interviews with more than 1,000 fulltime workers.