Individuals Feeling More Urgency About Planning for the Future

Seven in 10 Americans surveyed say they want to work with a financial adviser.

Individuals are thinking more critically about how future events could impact their finances, according to AIG Life & Retirement’s study, “Americans Moving Forward.”

More than half of survey respondents said long-term financial planning has become more important (58%) than it was in the past and that they intend to save more (56%) and pay more attention to how they spend and manage their money (55%).

The survey of 1,003 Americans ages 22 to 76 with household incomes of $40,000 or higher finds people want to be better prepared for retirement. Two-thirds of respondents say beginning to save or increasing their retirement savings is now a high priority. In addition, 59% say retirement planning is now a high priority, with 24% saying it is has become their highest priority. Other top financial priorities include paying off debt (65%), starting or growing an emergency fund (63%), and financial planning (63%).

Many respondents remained concerned about future uncertainties, pointing to health care costs in retirement (80%), independence in later life (80%), availability of Social Security (77%) and running out of money in retirement (74%) as top worries. More than half (55%) say having protected, guaranteed income for life in retirement has become more important.

More than nine in 10 respondents (91%) view financial products that provide income for life in retirement as valuable, with 34% saying they are very valuable. There is also strong interest in life insurance, with 43% saying it has become more important to get or increase life insurance.

The study, conducted in July, found 70% of respondents say they want to work with a financial professional in the next year, and 58% of those who already have a financial professional say they intend to work together more closely with them moving forward. The desire to work closely with a financial professional is greater among Millennials (79%) than it is for Generation Xers (59%) and Baby Boomers (18%).

“It’s inspiring to see that so many people are increasingly focused on having a long-term financial plan, for retirement and to protect against uncertainties,” says Gilliane Isabelle, chief distribution officer, AIG Retirement Services. “Employers can play a critical role by ensuring employees have access to the tools and professional guidance they need as they move forward.”

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