ING Aetna Joins Aggregation "Club"

August 14, 2001( - Last week it was T. Rowe Price and National City, this week it's ING Aetna Financial Services that's going the aggregation route.

The employee benefits plan provider’s launch of accountgateway, using Yodlee’s aggregation platform, enables users to view all their online accounts, including banking, credit card, mortgage, investment, and retirement accounts, at once at a single site. 

Accountgateway features include:

  • Account Summarization, providing a view of personal account data from over 2,400 sources,
  • Auto-Login, which allows users to access sites without re entering login information,
  • Personal Dashboard, an intuitive interface for conduction analysis and transactions,
  • Charting, which enables users to calculate their net worth and chart historical and cross account activities, and
  • Transaction-Level Detail, which enables users to view detailed, transaction-level information

Accountgateway is freely accessible at .