ING Charts New Map Select Offering

November 13, 2003 ( - Plan sponsors looking for a 401(k) plan with no contract strings and no asset-based charges are the target of a new ING 401(k) product.

ING Map Select gives plan sponsors the ability to customize plan features, including investment menus, pricing, and advice options.  The product is best suited for defined contribution plans with an asset total between $1 million to $30 million, ING said in a news release.

Primary features and benefits of the new ING MAP Select product include:

  • fund menus that allow plan sponsors to choose from a number of distinct fund menus and several fixed account options.  Plans above $15 million in total assets can further customize their investment options
  • no asset-based contract charge, in addition to the ability to add to zero-based contract charge for optional services
  • pricing flexibility based on individual case characteristics
  • optional services that include a fiduciary solution from Morningstar Associates, LLC and a self-directed brokerage account option.

More information is available at .