ING Introduces Retirement Planning Web Site

April 4, 2011 ( – ING has introduced a Web site which aims to help people make informed decisions about retirement while making it easy for them to consult with an ING retirement professional if they desire personal guidance.

The company said a key attribute of is clear language.   

Visitors have three primary choices when navigating from the home page: They can answer three basic questions to get advice targeted to their retirement needs; choose from a second menu of choices such as “Learn the Basics,” “Ready to Invest,” or “Talk to Someone;” or they can consider help from life-stage options such as “Starting a New Job,” “Between Jobs,” “Family Changes,” or “Considering a Rollover.” Each page of content focuses on a particular learning point and offers visuals and interactive components to help teach each idea.  

The Web site introduction coincides with the release of results of a study by the ING Retirement Research Institute that found Americans want control and empowerment of their money, but the expectation is that their employers, advisers and financial providers will help guide them (see Employees Want Help to Get in Control of Retirement Savings).