Interactive Game Motivates Women to Plan for Retirement

November 21, 2005 ( - The Center for Retirement Research (CRR) at Boston College has released 'Get Rich Slow', an interactive game to motivate women to become actively engaged in their retirement planning.

In the game, women make decisions and experience the implications of their decisions as well as chance events, like stock market booms and busts, job loss, and health shocks, according to the announcement.  

The game provides ways for women to improve their retirement planning decisions at different life stages. They get a clear overview of the financial planning process, their unique retirement income needs, and the experience essential to feel confident in moving ahead, CRR said.

‘Get Rich Slow’is designed to be facilitated by an experienced moderator. It was developed in collaboration with the Education Technology Center at Northeastern University and funded by a grant from the NASD Investor Education Foundation.

It is now available for download without charge at .