INVESCO Mixes Dynamic, Mid-Cap Fund Management

July 15, 2004 ( - A management team shakeup is afoot at the INVESCO Dynamics and Mid-Cap Growth Funds.

Paul Rasplicka and Michael Chapman, assisted by AIM’s Small/Mid Cap Core team, will take over management of both INVESCO funds.   The changes will be effective July 16, 2004, according to an AIM Investments news release.

The new team, which manages AIM Capital Development Fund, replaces lead manager Timothy Miller and Michelle Espelien Fenton.   Miller, who has been at INVESCO since 1992, is no longer with the company.

The management changes will not have a significant impact on the way the funds are managed, AIM said.

The AIM and INVESCO funds are complementary parts of a diversified product line advised by AIM Advisors, Inc.   Prior to November 25, 2003, INVESCO Funds Group, Inc. served as the investment advisor for the INVESCO funds.